Monday, September 15, 2008

baby talk

Sitting here on the couch with my two girls and my sweet baby boy.  Zeke was in the shower, Mercy was on my lap, Judah was laying next to me, holding my fingers while Brooklyn read a library book to us.  Judah is a pretty quiet little guy, but he bursted out with what really, really sounded like "Brooklyn".  We stopped and looked at each other with wide eyes, thinking "Did you just hear what I heard?" and "Did he just say what I think he just said?"  We all talked to Judah and asked him to say it again, and I kid you not, he did.  It sounded pretty clearly like "Brooklyn".  Just to be sure, Brooklyn asked him to say it one more time.  It took a little while, but he did it.  That was quite a gift to his big sister.  Her eyes and smile were so wide with love and excitement.  And so it will go down in the books that Judah's first word was "Brooklyn".


BizzyMommyKnits said...

what a super special first word! i like your new header by the way!

eternity driven said...

WOW!!! Now, what did I say about him and milestones while we're not with him?? :) Just kidding. Oh, how exciting that is! Brooklyn must be so happy!! look beautiful, like a rock star, in your new picture (header!)

sj said...

H O L Y C O W ! ! !

that's incredible! what a guy.

ps. i love your new header too.
you are gorgeous. [as always].

Spinboys and Curly said...

Great to here of your newest treasure there! Your genius boy who speaks probably the hardest name in all of Swanson family! May there come many many more your way! Big hugs to all! we miss you!!

MichelleMarie said...

Ok, tell him the next one is "Auntie Shell", ok? show him my picture a bunch of times and I bet he will do it. Like boy geniuses who can name all the presidents when you show them pictures. If he can say Brooklyn, he can say Auntie Shell. hee hee

And I agree with everyone about your picture.. The first thing I thought when I came on your page was that your new picture looks like it should be on an album cover. Now we just need to have you record some songs with that beautiful voice of yours!