Friday, December 5, 2008

jenny needs...

I seriously laughed out loud for a few minutes when I did this, so I had to post... maybe you'll get a good laugh out of your results too.  I was blog browsing, and came across this post on Keeping up with the Chreste's.  You just type in "what (your name) needs" in a google search.  Here's mine:

Jenny needs...
1.  to find herself a baller (this one cracked me up.. especially given our current situation and how slow work has been for Joe.  I promised I won't go searching!   ... By the way, anyone need a tattoo?  I know a good artist!)
2.  a wee (wonder if they meant wii?)
3.  a road bike
4.  space!  (exclamation part of search result)
5.  to step it up
6.  to go on a spa weekend (I'm not making this up!)
7.  your help Forest Gump (makes me want to go eat at Bubba Gump)
8.  to quit caffeine (I'm obviously not making this up!)
9.  to play by the rules
10.  a break.

Go do a search for yourself and if you put up a post on it, leave a comment so I can read your list!  Have fun!


Just say Julie said...

I crack up every time I read the "google needs" lists. It makes any day better! Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed your visit!

Trina said...

Hahahahaha...this was funny! Mine are all bad because of "Trina the rapper" lol! Thanks for the tip!

eternity driven said...

Kelly needs:
1. her brother backstage
2. to keep the drama going on america's election (to keep the drama going??? NO!!!)
3. to behave like a woman rather than a girl

pretty funny stuff!! love you

gery-riggin said...

gerry needs . . .
1)to be _____ slapped! (you fill in the blank - not sure if there are kids reading!)
2)is on facebook
3)no help playing with {his} ball. (about a dog)
4)a social night date (I have one tonight with mike :-)
5)your help :-)
6)a little humility (he he)

Chrissy said...

Oh, that's too funny! I'm definitely going to have to do this!